NRC Conveyor Belt
We are offering premium quality NRC Conveyor Belt elements that are available in various lengths and widths as per the machines in which they are going to be installed. Get these heavy duty belts as per your demands with the assurance of fast and safe delivery.
Conveyor Belt
Our company offers highly durable and crack resistant Conveyor Belt in various shapes and sizes as per customer demands and the applications where they are going to be installed. The offered belts are available in rolls of different diameters as per the order placed by our customers. 
Transmission Belts
Transmission Belts availed by our company are manufactured by using top-grade synthetic rubber that provides a high strength to weight ratio with excellent chemical and crack resistance. Buy these machines from us at a reasonable price. 

PVC Belts
We are Maharashtra, India-based supplier and wholesaler of heavy duty PVC Belts that come in various colors, sizes, and designs as per the orders placed by our customers. These heavy duty belts can be delivered to our customers at a reasonable price.
Timing Belt
Timing Belt availed by our company can be used in heavy duty industrial machines to ensure controlled movement of mechanisms with high precision and accuracy. These belts are capable of bearing extreme tensile loads and vibrations.
V-Belts availed by our company are commonly used in mechanical pulleys to efficiently transfer rotational power in between drive and driven elements. The offered belts can be delivered to our customers at a low price.
Elevator Buckets
Elevator Buckets are compact and sturdy containers that come in various sizes and shapes as per conveyors in which they are going to be installed. Buy from us these spare parts as per their demands with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 

Rubber Sheets
Pulley Lagging Sheet
Pulley Lagging Sheet lining are anti-slip coatings that are commonly used to secure conveyor rollers as well as prevent slipping at high speeds. These sheets can be supplied to our customers in various customizable sizes. 

PVC Hoses
Our company is known as one of the leading suppliers and wholesalers of crack resistant PVC Hoses that are suitable for high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems. These pipes come in various diameters and lengths within the price range of 60 to 1500 INR per meter. 

Cotton Hoses
Cotton Hoses are highly durable, abrasion resistant flexible pipes that are in high demand within firefighting applications. Customers can get these pressure resistant hoses within 1 to 2 business days.

Industrial Belts
Indus Conveyor Belts are highly tensile transmission elements that are in high demand within belt drives machines to transfer power in between drive and driven elements. Buy from us these rubber-based belts at a reasonable price.
PU Belts
Industrial Sheets

Industrial sheets are a requirement in a variety of industries since they are an essential part of many industrial operations. To match particular purposes, these sheets are produced in a variety of sizes and forms using a variety of materials.

Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses are a common option in a variety of sectors due to their many advantages. These hoses may be used for a variety of applications since they are strong and adaptable. These hoses can assist you with your transfer needs, whether you need to move liquids, gases, or solids.

Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses are an essential component of numerous manufacturing procedures as they render it feasible to transport gases, liquids, and solids in an efficient and safe way. These are dependable and inexpensive solutions for numerous industries due to their flexibility, resilience, and tolerance to an array of chemicals.

Suction Hose

Suction hoses are crucial for a variety of industrial applications where the transmission of gases or liquids is necessary. They are a preferred option across numerous sectors due to their adaptability and toughness.

PU Hose

The ease with which PU hoses may be maintained is a benefit. Since they are easy to keep clean and able to be sterilized, they are ideal for usage in settings where sanitary conditions are required, such as medical facilities and laboratories.

Belt Jointing Solutions

Conveyor belts in numerous sectors need to have belt jointing solutions. By bridging the gap between the belt ends, these solutions enable the efficient and seamless transportation of materials. Many different jointing options are available.

Belt Fasteners And Bolts

Bolts and belt fasteners are crucial parts of conveyor belt systems. They are made to tightly connect the conveyor belt ends together, ensuring continuous, trouble-free operation. They can assist in raising industrial operations' productivity and profitability.


Hose Clamps

Hose clamps are small devices that are commonly used in a variety of applications to secure hoses and pipes. These clamps have a wide range of uses, from securing automotive hoses to sealing plumbing connections. hey, are durable, easy to install, and widely available in a variety of sizes.

Pillow Block

Conveyor systems, farm equipment, and construction gear are just a few of the uses for pillow block bearings. To handle various types of shafts and loads, they come in a variety of sizes and configurations.


Conveyor System

In most industrial activities, a conveyor system is essential. It is employed for transferring items and supplies in a secure and effective manner from one place to another. These systems might be low, straightforward machines or big, intricate ones that cover entire sectors or facilities for storage.

Polyurethane Air Hose

Compared with other types of air hoses, Polyurethane Air hoses supply a number of advantages. They are capable of withstanding substantial damage and can survive for many years because they are very durable and long-lasting. They won't need to be altered frequently resulting in a long-term cost-effective choice.

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